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Overview -- The ARN Story

The concept of ARN Systems was born in early 1988, Syed Nasser (founder & CEO) built a music system for his personal use, as there wasn't a music system that satisfied his ears. this system was branded ' terrific ' by his friends and others, thus laying a foundation for ARN Systems-- a company that would manufacture audiophile grade systems. Its aim - to create music systems and their environments, if necessary, which would result in ' ACCURATE RECREATION OF SOUND.'


ARN Systems began in 1988 as a single man operation with a vision of providing high quality audio equipment and custom designed sound system. Under the leadership of owner and Managing Director, ARN Systems has grown to 51 employees. The company aims higher with every new project , delivering the best to make your audio, video and lighting dreams come true in reality.

ARN Systems has completed 25 years.

ARN Systems is an audio visual company. More than two decades of customer focussed approach and an unending quest for world class quality have made us to reach a respectabale position in the digital world. ARN Systems has an international presence with offices in USA  and middle east, wide marketing and distribution network has been the stronghold of our business.


Today ARN Systems is a professionally managed technical organization committed to promoting advanced technology in acoustics and video with an emphasis on total audio/visual systems and solutions. The Company is set for growth with dynamic young professionals controlling the operations and a management team that has more than 25 years experience in the industry. In its constant endeavor to bring a wide range of quality products and services under one roof, ARN has new ventures in the pipeline for video conferencing and other specialized Audio/Video products. Close affiliations with some of the best audio and video giants from different parts of the world and the choice to select the best components from their product list has resulted in unparalleled system configurations & services.


ARN Systems have also tied-up with intelligent lighting companies to offer the mind boggling and magical effect these lights create along with music in any environment.


The company has a well-organized set-up in Bangalore, its headquarters and branches at New Delhi, Dubai & New Jersey. To support customer needs and requirements a strong technical force is always on the move, the rest of the country is handled by a network of committed dealers and distributors.

ARN Systems at a glance