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Planning and Organization Structure

Audio visual system infrastructures need to be synchronized with other parameters like telecom networking resources, power systems and furniture, so that the united and corresponding infrastructure emerges in a successful utilization for a exceptionally usable system to support an audio visual system.


A well-designed infrastructure allows a smooth installation and adds flexibility for maintenance, when additional equipment needs to be added or resource upgrades need to be done. The benefits of meticulous planning contributes to more elegant, aesthetically pleasing installation with fewer change orders and maintains cost effectiveness.



Planning and organization structure


  • Development of structured System Design (Blue Prints)
  • Complete structured cabling schematics
  • Selection of Cables
  • Audio flow schematics
  • Video flow schematics
  • Control flow schematics
  • Acoustic Analysis - Includes Sound Dispersion level Calculations and Leakages
  • Seating Design
  • Lighting Design & Fixture Specification
  • Aesthetic Evaluation of Proposed Installation Products with Design Architect
  • Quantifying the Bill Of Materials
  • Integration Drawings
  • Development of Automation & Program Modules
  • Development of RFP’s & Tender Specifications




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