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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Products -- Corporate & Commercial -- Audio -- PHONIC

Since 1977, Phonic has been designing and manufacturing high performance professional audio products. We bring you versatile, more affordable digital mixers, robust, third-party certified audio analyzers, higher fidelity speakers with more reach, and these are only a few of the hundreds of products from our portfolio.

Product Category : : Corporate & Commercial Audio :: Amplifiers -- PHONIC
Phonic's amplifier video
XP 1000
1120 Watt Power Amplifier
XP 2000
1920 Watt Power Amplifier
XP 3000
2800 Watt Power Amplifier
XP 5000
5000 Watt Power Amplifier
6000 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 1500 Plus
900 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 250
160 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 2500 Plus
1500 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 3500
2400 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 500
240 Watt Power Amplifier
MAX 860 Plus
600 Watt Power Amplifier
6-Channel Commercial 120 Watt Mixer/Amplifier

6-Channel Commercial 240 Watt Mixer/Amplifier


3-Channel Commercial 35 Watt Mixer/Amplifier


4-Channel Commercial 60 Watt Mixer/Amplifier


ICON 300
300 Watt Contractor Power Amp


ICON 700
700 Watt Contractor Power Amp


Zone Public Address Amplifier with USB Player

iAMP 1620
1600 Watt Digital Amplifier

iAMP 3020
3000 Watt Digital Amplifier

Headphone Amp
PHA 4800
4-Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier

PHA 8800
8-Channel Headphone Distribution Amplifier

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