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Health Checkup of System

ARN Systems specialise in audio visual health checks and preventative maintenance. Downtime is inevitable if the equipment breaks down, ARN Systems takes protection to the next level by regularly checking your AV equipment and alerting you to issues ahead of time. We perform a detailed evaluation of your existing sound and audio visual systems including adjustments, equalization, and more, all to increase the performance of the existing system, offering thorough recommendations relating to repair or replacement of faulty equipment. It is important to conduct health checkup & maintenance on your audio visual equipment, for safety reasons, to ensure the lifespan of the equipment and to keep the warranty valid.


AV health check process includes


  • Our professional experts check all electrical, electronic and mechanical equipments at the installation in your premises.
  • All equipments and gadgets are cleaned and tested for faults.
  • All major and minor errors are identified and they are outlined in a detailed report.
  • Our multi skilled personnel will conduct all minor repair work as part of the health check.
  • Major and extensive repair work will be detailed in the health check report. Our engineers would suggest feasible solution. Based on your requirements the work would be accomplished.


Maintaining your equipment through regular health checks is far more cost effective than replacing AV equipment. Our health checks are custom made to your needs and we will provide a quote at your request so the cost represents exactly the work required.

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