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Growth of ARN -- From Proprietorship to Private Ltd.
  • Year 1988
    The first music sytems is built in a shoe box by Syed Nasser (Founder & MD of ARN Systems)
  • Year 1990
    Decision to start commercial production of amplifiers,speakers and graphic equalisers.
  • Year 1994
    Syed Nasser gets featured in the most prestigious magazine of that time " India Today", gives him a national coverage.
  • Year 1994
    Bags the first big order of his life that was close to a million rupees.
  • Year 1996
    ARN Systems is registered as a proprietorship firm comprising of Mr. Nasser, Mr. Rakesh, Mr. Venkat.
  • Year 1999
    ARN Systems does the audio for Reliance Petroleum in Jamnagar through an associate.
  • Year 2000
    Wipro Ltd. approaches ARN Systems to equip their corporate office in Sharjapur road, Banagalore. This is a milestone achievement in the history of ARN Systems.
  • Year 2006
    ARN Systems begins installation for software giant Google.
  • Year 2007
    ARN Systems bags the prestigious Yahoo contract and also registered as a private Limited firm.
  • Year 2007
    ARN registered as ARN Systems Pvt Ltd. The company begins work as a consultant for Delhi International Airport.



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