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Management team

Our CEO & founder Syed Nasser, senior executives of ARN Systems who are leaders and visionaries, form the ARN Systems management team which provides direction and energy to the organization. working together we create value while staying focussed to our vision and purpose. At ARN innovative ideas and specialized skill are the raw materials that has contributed to the growth of the company in achieving global benchmark.


Syed Nasser -- Founder & CEO

For nearly two decades Syed Nasser has driven ARN Systems to the present postion, His broad perspective has seen the Company expand its horizons beyond domestic borders, and position itself in the international market. He successfully led the Company through some of its most difficult times, and successfully made it stronger each time. He has been literally the backbone of the company.


As  CEO of  ARN Systems,  he  is  particularly overseeing corporate strategy for quantum growth, his focus continues to be on the expansion of the company's activities with a special focus on alliances and joint ventures. Mr. Nasser is instrumental in growing the business to what it is today and forming its strategic alliances with Harman, etc


Javed Ahmed -- Director (Projects & operations)
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Syed Rahamatulla -- Director
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Syed Shah Arifulla Hussainy -- Director
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