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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Products -- Corporate & Commercial -- Audio -- Onpoint Audio

On Point Audio is a vibrant company headquartered in Nashville, TN that was founded to develop the finest professional loudspeaker systems for a variety of installation and live sound applications. You’ll find that On Point Audio products deliver superior performance thanks to the use of premium transducers, innovative designs, and a very high build quality. On Point Audio models are backed by a comprehensive five-year limited warranty

Product Category : : Corporate & Commercial Audio :: Speakers -- Onpoint Audio
Onpoint speaker video
Powered Systems
OPALine enclosure is a single vertical array designed for both permanent installation and live sound reinforcement applications  
The OPA-10 Active is a very compact, powered sound reinforcement system designed for high-level professional audio applications.  
On Point Audio’s unique OPA 15 Active is a powered 15-inch two-way system  
Full Range Systems
On Point Audio OPA-8NP is a high-performance, narrow-profile coaxial 8 inch (203mm) two- way loudspeaker system.  
On Point Audio OPA-12 is a high-performance 12-inch (305mm) two-way loudspeaker system..  
On Point Audio’s OPA 15 YNP is a compact, yet high-performance 15-inch two-way system  
The OPA 15 NP is a large-format, long-throw 15-inch two-way speaker system  
OPA 15 NPM is a 15-inch two-way high-performance floor monitor with two projection angles  
OPA 28 NP is an innovative dual 8-inch two-way array system with pristine sound quality and prodigious output capability that totally belies its small size.  
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