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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Products -- Residential -- Audio -- Speakers
For over 30 years Focal has designed, developed and manufactured high fidelity loudspeakers and drivers. Focal allies passion, tradition and technological perfection, bringing you optimal solutions for ultimate listening pleasure. Most products have resources such as manuals, spec sheets and CAD drawing that you can download. Some resources are in PDF format which require the Adobe Acrobat® Reader 

Product Category : : Audio :: Speakers -- Focal Audio

Dome 5.1 pack  
Dome 2.1 pack  
Dome 2.0 pack  
Dome Satellite  
5.1 Pack Bird  
Dome Satellite  
Super Bird  
Little Bird  
5.1 Pack Sib  
Sib XL  
Multimedia and Wireless
Little Bird pack 2.1  
Super Bird Pack 2.1  
Focal XS 2.1  
Super Bird Pack 2.1  
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