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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Products -- Residential -- Audio -- Speakers
Revel designs and produces innovative, no-compromise loudspeakers that expand the art of home sound reproduction. With a complete focus on maximum performance and unparalleled quality, Revel delivers an experience with all of the passion and emotion intended by the artist. Technological advances by Revel engineers have resulted in a series of measurements that far more closely reflect what we hear than has been possible to predict from measurements in the past. This objectification allows a rigorous design process that results in dramatically better sound quality.
Product Category : : Audio :: Speakers -- REVEL
Loud Speakers Series
Ultima 2  
Performa 3  
Floor Standing Speakers
F208 F 206 Salon 2
Studio 2 F 12  
Bookshelf Speakers
M 106 M 105 Gem 2
M 12    
Center Channel Speakers
C 208 M 205 Voice 2
C 12    
Surround Speakers
S 206 S 12  
On Wall Speakers
LCR8 C10  
M10 M8  
In Wall speakers
W263 W363 W563
W763 W253L W283
W383 W583 W783
W873 W893 W990
In Ceiling Speakers
C263 C363 C563
C763 C763L C283
C383 C583 W783
C563DT C363DT C540
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