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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Sonance®. A history of innovation that architects, custom installers and design-sensitive audiophiles all recognize as truly breakthrough. We’ve never believed in subtle improvements. We've never stopped breaking the barriers.

Inventing the in-wall speaker was where Sonance started. But to maintain our leadership, we've constantly asked ourselves, 'What's the next wall to smash?' In the process, we haven't just led the industry. We've redefined it, one new invention at a time, for over 25 years.


Product Category : : Audio :: Speakers -- Sonance
Architectural series
Architectural Series X6S SST  
Cinema series
Cinema Ceiling LCR.5S  
Invisible series
Invisible Series Large Enclosure  
Degree of Invisibility
Degree Of Invisibility  
Original series
Original Series Large 832  
Original Series Medium  
Original Series Small  
Original Series Large Round  
Original Series Medium Round  
Original Series Small Round  
Visual Performance series
Visual Performance® VP89  
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