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ARN Systems has long list of satisfied customers, some of the major clients are listed below.

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Products -- Residential -- Cables & Connectors-- Belden

Belden® – Wire and Cable Solutions for High Quality, Top Performance and Total Reliability

Belden is synonymous with high quality, high performance and reliability, all the time and in any market – broadcast, commercial networking, security, industrial, residential and many other applications.

We have earned our worldwide reputation as an expert solutions provider. We make it our job to supply high performance, quality products and an innovative approach. Belden offers the very widest range of signal transmission products. We provide all the data and back-up support necessary to help you to meet your requirements. We bring to market the very best in signal transmission technology – copper, optical fiber and wireless. And where needed, we offer complete systems.

Product Category : : Cables & Connectors:: Belden -- Audio Cables
Belden's cable video
Studio -- Audio Cables
Single pair 1696A
22 AWG/0.34 mm² (page 19.16)

Single pair 1800B
24 AWG/0.22 mm² (page 19.16)

Multi pair snake cable 18xxF
24 AWG/0.22 mm² (page 19.18)
Multi pair snake cable 78xxA
26 AWG/0.14 mm² (page 19.17)
Single pair snake cable 9180
26 AWG/0.14 mm² (page 19.16*)
Stage -- Audio Cables
single pair 1800F
24 AWG/0.22 mm² (page 19.16)
Multi pair snake cable 462xx
26 AWG/0.14 mm² (page 19.18)
Multi pair snake cable 469xx
26 AWG/0.14 mm² (page 19.17)
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