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Products -- Residential -- Cables & Connectors

Monster Cable Products, Inc. was founded in 1979 by Noel Lee, who was then a laser-fusion design engineer at Lawrence-Livermore Laboratory, as well as an audiophile and professional drummer. Lee discovered that wires of different constructions produced varying degrees of audio performance when hooked up to loudspeakers. From this discovery, he developed a high performance speaker cable, named it Monster Cable, and literally created an industry.

Product Category : : Cables & Connectors:: Monster -- HDMI Cables
Monster's cable video
Gold Advanced High Speed
HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Platinum Ultra High Speed
HDMI Cable with Ethernet
Black Platinum Ultimate High
Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet
HDMI Cables M-Series
M1000HD HDMi Ultimate High Speed
with Ethernet
M650 HD HDMI Advanced High
Speed Cable with Ethernet
Core HDMI Cable
SuperThin™ High Speed Powered
Flate Screen HDMI Cable
FlatScreen SuperThin HDMI Cable  
Swivel Adapter for HDMI®
Swivel Adapter for HDMI®  
Flexible High−Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet & 3.5mm Stereo Audio
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